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    The Praetorian Guard -- laid back, organized fun

    We are a well rounded group of mature players (where mature refers to how we work and play together, not the language involved). We've got a beautiful cove between Cedarrat and Sweetpine. About half our land is junkyard, I think, at this point. We have a kickass quartermaster for crafters (that would be me). We have a bunch of builds for PK-killer, hunter and various warfare, others set up way ahead for shaman and animal tamer, and most things in the middle.

    Members range from casual to people who I think never actually sleep. We span at least ten time zones, from Finland to west coast US, but since we have people who are insomniac hyperactives (but cool folks) there's nearly always someone on. Most of us have that sandbox-y culture, from UO, Eve, SWG, and other games. We are soaking in and loving all but the lag.

    Our long term goals are -- be be a real community. We have people focused on building, crafting and others focused on security for our group. We want to be a lakeshore trade hub for our inland neighbors, many of whom are smaller groups and soloers who trust and depend on us as friends.

    We plan on being neutral, and diplomatic when we are matched with honor in our friendships.

    Contacts in game are
    or just come to 896 and yell...

    We have a web site I set up today (mar 19) so there's not much there yet, but you can help with that!

    I work at home, so if you PM me, I'll be happy to come in world much of the time and chat. We do not take everyone. If you take the game too seriously, like it's life or death, we are not your tribe. If you are a carebear, please don't be the QQ type -- I'm a crafter, and I just don't wear anything I can't afford to lose, and I takes my chances (only killed one so far). If you are a PK understand discipline. We have good neighbors. If you want the kind of fun you had attacking each others lego castles as a kid, and then building them up again better and weirder, we may be your peeps.

    Double points (with me at least) if you think Raph Koster is a god among game devs.

    See you in the world!


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    Did I mention, as soon as cooking comes in, we'll have cookies?

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    Bump. Recruiting still. if ya wanna join choose SugarPine as your starting area and type /w fatboy ingame to get ahold of me :-)

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    weekly bump! Plenty of room. Pm me on the fourms or ingame :-)

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    Current city tasks are epic and fun! Come be apart of somthing bigger!

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    My tribe is still alive!! Survival of the finest!

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    32 and growing! Come join me! Spawn at Sugar pines and just ask for me in local chat and ill come and get ya :-)

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    We are still alive, 35 atm and i am still alive if that counts!

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