When you PK a player sometimes you can only loot one bag and take 1 item, locked. Other times you can loot everything full...does this have to do with them killing a few people? Does it take the looting restriction on themselves off after they have PK'd enough people? If so how many is it you can kill before you're able to be fully looted? I know it has to do with whether or not they have their bags on a private or limited permission too, but I'm sure its mostly private and I'm able to loot and be looted regardless of that after a time, and I've just come to the conclusion now that it has to do with the number of people you've killed consecutively (but I can't be sure). Why are some fully lootable, sometimes some with just one item (provided at times that you loot their bags first and get that item) and other times no bag looting...maybe 3 different levels of looting? I am not sure.

In toolcraft I have many many recipes...after a time now I cannot get any new recipes, skill 42 - I get skillups but nothing new in recipes, do they still add to list or should I not bother skilling up anymore? I think I got everything that will ever be needed anyway besides a shovel or pick and I heard those are in weapon crafting, but not sure (well I know pick is and most likely shovel so NP there). Do we still continue to get recipes or end after a time, like do we have a limited number of recipes? Or do they just get slower in adding to the recipe list the higher you get in skill? If it is limited, how many? I feel like I have reached a hard cap on the learning of new recipes by just skilling up without scavenged recipes, I just don't get any new ones now. I know there is a lot of randomness going on in the code, but I just wanna know. Thanks for any answer!