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    Bug: Unconscious Bar After Relog

    Haven't been able to reproduce yet.

    The server had a sudden crash. When I logged back in, I had a message, "You are unconscious" with two green bars below stretching off the right side of the screen. I had no skills or stats, and my gauges were all empty.

    I was able to move around, engage in combat, have fights, etc. Basically, I was a fully functional character. I had not died or passed out before the crash.

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    Re:Bug: Unconscious Bar After Relog

    Had it happen again after a crash. Also got the unconcious bar, but instead of the respawn timer, it was all the gauges down at bottom that extended green off the right side of the screen.

    Stats were not in place this time either. They gave random values of huge integers.

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    Re:Bug: Unconscious Bar After Relog

    Ok, seems that some changes in death are causing a lot of problems. We're going to focus on this over the next few days to get it resolved.

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