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    Few questions :)

    Just a couple of issues im curious of.

    #1 is leveling bugged? i cant seem to "choose skill" to raise with my 10 points.

    #2 when leveling with terraforming, what is the best method to level? do you stand on the height you want then go to the edge of it? i find it very confusing :/

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    After you 'level' you will have a plus sign next to xp bar. Clicking that opens a window to allocate new skill points.

    You will see [Select Skill] << >> 0 << >>

    The first set of left and right arrows allows you to select the skill
    The second set of arrows assigns the number of skill points to put into that skill.

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    I've found with terraforming to try and stand on the incline more towards the higher point you want to make it or the lower point if you wanna lower it, but sometimes it's just random.

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    Ah, it worked! could have swore i already tried that before and it didnt work haha. thanks!

    And im gonna try that next time, i was doing it the opposite way with little effect so xD

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