I'm getting seriously frustrated with a problem i'm having, almost to the point that i'm giving consideration to asking for a refund, which is sad cos as an ex Wurm player i really wanna give this a go as i have good reason to believe i'll like it.

my problem is this. I install the game, it runs fine (albeit in a TINY window so i can see practically nothing which pretty much makes it unplayable). i close the game and relaunch it and get a cannot create file error.

now before you all jump in and say "restart your pc" or "kill the process as it's hung and locked the files" let me tell you that it closes gracefully on the error when i hit the X (close) button. restarting the PC has NO effect. downloading from either the US or EU server makes NO difference. running the program in compatibility mode makes NO difference.

I am the admin. the only account on this windows 7 ultimate machine is admin, and i am running it as admin.

the installation is on a separate drive to the OS (D). i have tried installing it to the root of C, and my home directory in users/admin. neither made any difference.

i've tried installing it in compatibility mode.

i've made absolutely sure that the D drive has FULL permissions.

i have edited my user rights assignment in local security policy to take ownership of files or objects to administrator.

i have reduced UAC to never notify.

i have "taken ownership" of the whole D drive, and the sub folders in which xsyon is installed.

i have use unlocker to make damned sure no process are locking the drive and it's contents.

i have forwarded relevant ports to this pc which is on a static IP on my network.

i have turned off all firewall and AV software.

unfortunately customer support has only replied to my issue with "restart your pc or kill offending xsyon service" which isn't helpful. i have replied explaining i've already tried but not yet had a response (nearly three days now).

i've a feeling i'm not running a service that xsyon needs, so i have run through my services list and temporarily and systematically turn on and off all services that could even remotely be a problem, but i may need someone to give me a list of their running services for me to reference to be absolutely sure.

so, people of Xsyon... I call on you all for your help!



System Specs
AMD Athlon dual core 4200 running on Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe mobo
2 gb ram
nvidia 9800 GX2 running dual (soon to be triple) monitor setup.
Windows 7 Ultimate (32Bit)
2 Seagate SSDs in Raid 0 Array for C: (which is where the OS is installed) (boots win in 17 secs, which i'm chuffed about :P )
standard sata 7200 rpm Seagate 300gb drive (D: drive where Xsyon and all other games are installed)

installed software that i think are relevant and may cause issues (but i have tried disabling them):
Zonealarm firewall
Comodo AV (just the AV, nothing else)
windows firewall is OFF
Magic Iso (dunno if that may have something to do with it, as Xsyon doesn't run from disc)

Other Misc hardware:
Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
50Mbit cable broadband connection through a Dlink wifi router. ports forwarded correctly.