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Thread: Patch server

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    Patch server

    I know most of us are patched up to date but a friend is trying to update his client and it says unable to connect to patch server. He has restarted his cable modem, pc and Xsyon client to no avail.

    Anyone getting this?

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    I've had this happen if I quit the game without logging out correctly. If that is the case, it should fix itself in a few minutes. If it isn't, he could try the support link at the top of this page.

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    He never got logged in so I doubt he logged out wrong.

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    Could try connecting to the other patch server if it's only one he can't connect to. Beyond this, I would suggest contacting support. They usually respond in a timely manner.

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    try opening the ports 2013 is game and patcher is 10111

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