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    Looking for a home

    Im brand new to the game. I love to craft and forage or gather supplys. Am willing to remake charector to get closer to the tribes location, as the first charector i created i made just to get hang of basic controls and such. Plus i believe my charector is bugged nothing shows up in my inventory or dissappears when used untill i log out and back in.

    Would like a tribe thats Mature (to a point ya still need to have fun) I do like to pvp from time to time but would rather craft and build.

    A fairly Active tribe as well. (im west coast USA time zone) Dont want a tribe thats never got anyone on or only 1 other person.

    TS or vent would be a plus but not totaly required.

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    Hey Sid why don't you give us a look
    We aren't very pvp oriented but we do need some strong pvpers for defense
    We have a thriving town of 25 members and we would love to add another crafter to our ranks
    We are a neutral tribe and we have players from both sides of the globe; so there is almost always someone on
    We also boast the mighty Temple to the Great River and are currently working on building cabins and walls

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    PM sent, check mail.

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    Send you a pm ^^

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    Ive sent you a Pm buddy

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    Welcome~! PM sent

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    Have a look at New Eden. We're a primarily crafting tribe that's pretty active.

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    If you want a tribe that always has people online playing and helping each other, check Hopi out. We are one of the largest tribes in Xsyon and have a lot of members whose playtime spans across all timezones. We have a Ventrilo server and an awesome website where you can interact with our members.

    Best of luck!

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    check us out we always help new players, we also been around as a guild since 99, we have many players who been in beta since near day 1, so people know what they are doing always willing to help, we also get new players from other games we play.

    Pm me if you wanna chat. or check out our forum, to get access you need to register.

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