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    Hi all

    Just baught the game, loving the open sandbox but im having crashing issues. I saved the game to Program Files x86. I use Windows 7 64 Service pack 1. Any known issues? Any ways to get round it? I play in windowed mode.


    Added after 30 minutes:

    Now im crashing every 5 minutes. Rather annoyed now.

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    I bet you play in Full Screen. Play in Windowed until they fixed it...

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    I've had issues in the past after a patch, usually changing my resolution to something different helped in windowed mode. It's not ideal, but it worked for me. I went away from full screen because it would lock up if I Alt-Tabbed over to another window.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    I bet you play in Full Screen. Play in Windowed until they fixed it...
    thanks for the replies. I started in Windowed mode, after 3 crashes I changed to fullscreen and that made it worse. So I will try a different res in Windowed and hopefully that will sort it out. Do you think maybe Windows 7 Service Pack 1 has anything to do with it?

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    No, i think not

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    I'm having the same issues only I crash every couple of minutes lately. Windows XP Pro, Windowed or Fullscreen.

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    Worked fine all day. Got to about 1 AM GMT and it started crashing frequently again. Now its back to crashing every 5 minutes.

    Added after 14 Hours 6 minutes:

    Logged in for first time today, crashed within 2 minutes.

    Added after 10 minutes:

    Pretty convinced that the majority of crashes are caused everytime I go over a border to a new zone. Instantly crashes

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