Most people have suggested that we get the resources back from a project if we dismantle it. The problem with this idea is that architecture is leveled by simply building a project. Therefore, if you could dismantle something and get all the resources back, you could level architecture infinitely with just 20 bricks and 10 mortar. That would be very bad.

Instead, make it so dismantling gives us a certain percentage of the raw materials back. The percentage we receive should be determined by our architecture skill. Something like this:

Level: 5-10 (Returns between 10% to 15% materials)

Level 11-15 (Returns between 15% to 20% materials)

The numbers could be perfected, but this would allow us to save some of the resources we lose currently from dismantling, without breaking the way architecture works. Obviously, dismantling should never return 100% of the resources used, regardless of the character's architecture level.