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    Lookin for Tribe

    Just subbed and downloading now, i have never played this yet but i have watched youtube vids and whatnot.. anyway lookin for a tribe to join.

    past MMO games ive played are : Asheron's Call (darktide), Wow (sadly), Mortal Online, Rift.

    prefer a guild with vent/ts.

    going on the US server, im in EST zone (ontario, canada)


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    Pmed you :d

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    PM sent, check mail.

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    Welcome to the game isindule, ive sent u a pm

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    Welcome to Xsyon. Check out Hopi if you're looking for a big, good-aligned tribe. We have a lot of EST timezone players and our current roster boasts over 140 active members. There are always people online working together and helping each other out. We have a Ventrilo server and a great website.

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