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    Random crashes..

    Hi all!
    After the snow came my game has crashed all the time! Does anyone else have the same problem?

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    Yeah I have crashed a few times since the snow.. maybe in a 4 hour session yesterday i crashed 3 times

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    I am crashing a lot tonight not nice.

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    Crashing every 20 minutes atm. Windows 7 64 bit.

    PS: regarding the "loading entities" issue and therefore the long loading times this is quite annoying...

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    Yea your not the only one, today ive been on for prob. around an hour now "just got home from work"and all ready crashed 3 times so ive been playing for prob a half hour and loading to play for around a half hour.64 bit vista here and i properly installed the game like it tells ya too so dont no what the problem is ,but i would have to guess and say its just sheer volume of people trying to log on to play around this time in the US but still i got to give them credit thay got alot of stuff fixed in 1 weeks time hopefully in a week this will be old news

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    I've been playing on the same h/w since before the Feb 18 release. Recently, been getting a ton of crashes. Probably about every 20-30 minutes. win 7 64 bit.

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    i crashed once. unfortunately during pvp, needless to say i lost!

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    Hi I 'm not having any crashing at all , my Rig : Windows7 64bit , 8GO ram , ATI radeon 5870 last drivers possible.

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    my clannies had some Direct X crashes today, not sure if it's related.

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    I crashed several times yesterday. Usually occurred while running. Drivers were checked and are up-to-date. Win 7 64 bit.

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