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Thread: Lost clothes

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    Lost clothes

    Was scavenging, dropped a hoe head, clicked no for discard and Xsyon.exe error.

    Closed out, relogged, tabbed out while loading Xsyon.exe error again.

    Char chooser shows char with no clothes.

    Logged in, no clothes on body, but clothes showing in inventory clothes slots.

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    Re: Lost clothes

    Can others see you with no clothes? What i mean is , is it system side or server side, You tend to have that in wow , Running around naked on your screen , But others see you fine , Or vice versa

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    Re: Lost clothes

    nope, naked.

    Appears that I have also lost access to my backpack but when I try to pick things up it says backpack full

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    Re: Lost clothes

    Dirty boy -_-.
    Get some clothes on lol

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    Re: Lost clothes

    Client crashed on loading textures, and now my guy is naked again.

    Making a new guy.

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    Re: Lost clothes

    Jordi see my other thread I created down in the other forums.

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