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Thread: Damage

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    Question Damage

    Just a quick one , Should damage be less than it is at the axe in back = 2 hit kill , I think fist damage seems ok.. thoughts ?

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    Combat system does not exist at the moment. It's a joke full of loopholes and you have a bunch of short naked people runing around with huge axes and pretending they can PVP. Until they fix the system (and get rid of pre-order weapons through decay) there is no sensible discussion on this topic. Imho.

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    Combat needs a ton of work...granted. But I would hope 2 hits in the back with any weapon-type axe will always kill all but heavily armored players.

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    Right now with 30 unarmed combat It takes me 3 hits to reduce someone to 75% health. (25% reduction of life)

    I can put on my pre-order knife, which I have 0 armed combat and 0 blade skill and hit someone one hit to almost half dead. (50% reduction of life)

    If I had 30 blades and 25 armed combat with my would it be harder than that? Damn...

    It's odd that unarmed combat dosent get the preorder damage bonus that weapons do.. I'd settle for a pair of "gloves" or something that could have the modifier attached to them that would be bound to player like the weapons are.

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    Unarmed has Highest DPS. It hits much faster than any other attack.

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    as usual lots of wrong info in this thread.

    anyone dying from 2 axe hits in the back is a gimp. simple as that, train up your combat skills and put some armor on. Ive yet to die in less than five hits. And I pk every chance I see.

    also small ppl are gimps, no need to nerf them further.

    edit and lol about unarmed, whenever I see an unarmed I piss myself laughing. They do like 5-8% damage per hit. If you cant beat that you suck.

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    I honestly think they ninja hotpatched this. I did some trials last night.. like i said standing still 3 straight punches to someone with equal stats I did only 25% reduction to them.. then inturn hit me 3 times and I was dead. I had 5 more unarmed combat skill then they had weapon skill points.

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    the po weapons are not balanced to early game armor.

    this is giving a presumptive nod to armor actually working but only actually being effective at higher levels.

    so while junk/poor quality armor may be effective at mitigating damage from junk/poor quality weapons, the po weapon is what superior quality, pristine condition? and it mostly ignores early game armor...thus making naked 'better' because you're not sacrifice speed and agility for dubious protective gains.

    hopefully as we start seeing 80+ crafting we'll see armor catch up and actually mitigate some damage, and be worth wearing. Naked midget pvp is kinda lame (nothign to loot when you kill someone )

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    Looks like they did fix unarmed damage then. Before it was ridiculously high.

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    I think your right kiriath, In beta everyone seemed to do about the same damage.. the only advantage was unarmed swung faster so it seemed op..
    I think they have changed damage modifers since beta. Unarmed I am hitting for shit.. as proabably I should.. LOL

    Has something been changed about armor? Does it actually have a modifer built into it? During beta a few weeks back armor made absolutely no difference in combat damages taken. The only thing I could tell was armor seemed to slow someone down even more.

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