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    I posted this suggestion in another thread in the prelude forum.

    We were having a discussion about the inability to do anything about other tribes that
    cut down trees in your area and destroy the trunk preventing your area from ever having wood again. alot of the discussion was people saying it was too easy to premantly destroy a tree.

    I really think that part of the game is fine but being without a needed resource indefinatly by an action that takes only a few minutes needs some sort of counter.

    Why not implement a foragable "seed" that can be planted. A certain time later a new tree would be planted in its place.

    This will offset the destruction of slash farming that some are using to harm others.
    This will also allow foraging to be a little more useful and more desired.

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    I completely agree, Oh btw thanks for the metal sheets

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    Agrees with OP..

    As one of my fellow tribe members suggested, is that you are only able to destroy the stumb in your own tribe area. I know it wont prevent people from cutting down your trees, but the trees will eventually grow back..

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    Agree. I would also make it so you can't destroy stumps outside of your tribal area and logs should take a while to destroy. Several people posted in the other thread that it was easy to destory stumps/logs in real life - I would point out that we have neither electricity or gasoline in game, this stuff should take a long time to do by hand. Slash and burn is a valid tactic for PVP, it just shouldn't be able to be done so fast.

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    Do you guys honestly want to increase crafting times? Wow thats a first in MMo history. Cutting a tree down is quick.. removing the logs is painfully slow... imagine it taking more time to cut the tree and move the logs total. I don't think I would ever cut down another tree.

    I think a seed program to grow trees would be nice.. or perhaps you find a "sapling" instead of a seed.. either way you plant it to sustain resources somewhat. It couldn't be an instant thing but something that might take several days to wait for.

    I don't want to make it so people can't cut down trees and destroy them.. or make it harder on harvesters ... I think we just need to offer a slight counter to the "combat loggers"... lol

    Growing things would also offer another element to the game. It could be made into a complete system of growing food plots and/or decoration for the dorks that get off on having pretty pixels.

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    i like the seeds idea

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    Some hopi chick said this was in development.. not sure.. seems like it would be cool.

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