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    Post "We Strive" Tribe Now Recruitng!

    We Strive
    We Succeed

    Hi there!

    We Strive is currently recruiting new tribe members!

    Official We Strive website for full recruitment details -

    We are a neutral Tribe, preferring peace over war, however we do not require much of a push to defend ourselves with full force...

    Our Primary Goals:

    -Establish Diplomatic relations with our immediate neighbours - Underway
    -Establish trade routes with neighbours - Underway
    -Become completely self sufficient regarding crafting and construction - Underway
    -Increase our tribal influence area - Underway
    -Loads loads more!

    We are looking for more members to expand our ranks, aid construction of our camp, train soldiers for combat and much much more!

    If you are looking for a laid back tribe with really great members, alot of spare tools and armor and alot of opportunities to leave your mark in the creation of our glorious camp, then we are for you!

    If your interested, simple type /w TheButcher or /w NinaAnsol and say hello and that your interested in joining the tribe We will be happy to assist you in finding our camp (not far from the starting areas but nice and quiet location) and assist in hauling your belongings if required.


    - What server are you on?
    Answer - EU Server

    - Do you have Vent/TS3?
    Answer - No, it is not required for this game in our opinion, communication is very easily conducted via chat in Xsyon

    - Do you have a website?
    Answer - Yes, it will be coming shortly

    Thanks very much for your interest!

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    Recruitment continues, come be a part of a growing tribe with plenty of chance to leave your mark on our camp construction!

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