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    Performance Woes...

    I am at the end of my tether now, after trying everything I can think of, short of flattening the OS and reinstalling.

    I pretty recently built a new PC, solely for this game. It's not the greatest spec, but its ample for most games on max settings.


    Athlon II X4 630 3.0Ghz
    6gb DDR3 1333 mem
    ATI Radeon 5870 GDDR5 1gb
    64gb SSD for OS and game


    Why, oh why, with the latest 11.2 Catalyst drivers, can I not achieve more than 10 FPS? I have reinstalled all drivers at least once.

    The worst part is, I have a two year old macbook pro which runs it at 5x the frame rate on similar settings...

    Please help

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    check out the other thread i started.

    there are quite a few people having performance issues since the last patch.. so they have stuffed somthing up with the last patch..

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    Here's another symptom:

    Changing some of the graphics options in game (especially tree distance/quality) crashes the game.

    @Caldrin, this isn't last patch related... I have had this for 3 weeks


    Added after 7 minutes:

    Log\CrashLog_2011-03-07 17-22-26.txt
    ************************************************** **
    *** A Programm Fault occured:
    *** Error code C0000005: ACCESS VIOLATION
    ************************************************** **
    *** Address: 00441F63


    ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 00441F63)
    ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 00441F63)
    00441F63 (Xsyon): (filename not available): (function-name not available)
    ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 004536B2)
    ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 004536B2)
    004536B2 (Xsyon): (filename not available): (function-name not available)
    ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 77AFE38C)
    77AFE38C (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlInitUnicodeString
    ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 77AFE0F2)
    77AFE0F2 (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlAllocateHeap
    ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 00561614)
    ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 00561614)
    00561614 (Xsyon): (filename not available): (function-name not available)
    ERROR: SymGetSymFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 00513CD3)
    ERROR: SymGetLineFromAddr64, GetLastError: 487 (Address: 00513CD3)
    00513CD3 (Xsyon): (filename not available): (function-name not available)
    ERROR: StackWalk64-Endless-Callstack!, GetLastError: 0 (Address: 0055DB42)

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    ah thats not good..

    i would log it as a bug then.

    Error code C0000005: ACCESS VIOLATION is usualyl the program trying to access a resoruce that does not exist.

    Check your comptuers event viewer and you will probally see the error popping up in there and it might point you to the exact file/program that is coursing the error..

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    All the errors seem to point to the AMD 64bit GPU drivers. However, I have uninstalled 11.1, redownloaded 11.2 x64 and reinstalled.


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    OK best best is to try this driver removal tool

    but first uninstall as you normally would then run the tool, it should remove any left over driver config crap.

    Then reinstall.. hope that helps.

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    I have now tested in windowed mode, at the lowest possible settings... and it gives me the SAME frame rate as if it run it at max settings.

    I am totally confused as to what to do next.

    Call it a bad job and move on?

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    Install windows 32 bit i guess, i have an Athlon 940 with 4 gig at 32 bit, ATI 4890 also an SSd for the game and it runs fine at HD resolutions.
    I have read that they still have problems with 64 bit.

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    Frame rate problems are a known issue right now. I would suggest you leave your system alone as it has been reported many times and Jordi even noted that is was something they are working on. If everything else is working fine your system other then Xsyon then its not you.

    Your just going to have to suffer through the game like the rest of us until it's patched out.

    I'm running 64 bit with no issues and a similar build other than the localized frame rate drops.

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