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    Need some help... dropped a pouch.

    So I was moving a pouch from one slot to another and acidentally dropped it on the ground. When I went to pick it up, I was told i didn't have permission to do that. I could not open the pouch either. I thought that stuff that was abandoned or found in the wild was free game? Am I missing something? Thanks.

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    Did you drop it in someone else's safezone?

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    Didn't think so, that must have been it, though. No one else seems to have this problem then?

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    If you take a pouch from a bin it still belongs to crafter that made it. It has personal permissions. It has to be traded to you to transfer ownership. If it's not on tribal ground you have to find crafter that made it to open it.

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    This! Yes, a crafter in my tribe left it in a bin for me. Thanks!

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    One thing that sometimes takes this longer to realize is the Open All Containers permission on your Tribe ranks.

    So for example, lets say your rank can open all bags. You start using a bag that's set to private. You have no trouble using it as a container on teh ground within your territory, because you can open ANY bag in your territory. The second you place it outside, you're F'd.

    To avoid have the crafter trade it to you like yoori said.

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    This is actually kind of a broken mechanic. Seems to me that if you pick up a bag, you should get full ownership of that bag. The crafter can't be bothered to be online at all hours and trade people's bags to them.

    Personally, they should just get rid of the permission system entirely. You already have safe zones - why do you need a permission system? I suppose it is there to protect your bags from your fellow tribemembers (if you so choose), but I think I can live with the danger of my fellow tribemember lifting my shit. And if it is just to make it so people can't loot bags - then just make it so, rather than messing around with permissions.

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