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    Immersion and creature names.

    The videos I have looked at make it appear that AI creatures have floating names, not only when targeting them, but all the time. Is this accurate? If so, will this be changed ever, ie. removing them names unless targeted?

    I find it to be immersion breaking for the same reasons that a player hiding in the bushes with a floating name would be immersion breaking.

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    I only see names when clicked upon, at a very close distance.

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    Awesome. Can anyone else verify this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cunning_Linguist View Post
    Awesome. Can anyone else verify this?
    Yes. There are no floating names anymore, you can only see the names in a really close distance and when click on the target.

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    *claps* Thanks for the quick responses. This community is refreshing after the toxic-kid Darkfall forums.

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