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    Safe Spot Suggestion/Compromise

    As PVP player I am all for no safe zones, but at the same time without safe npc cities I know there has to be something. So, from my experience of running around and fighting and defending my land, here is a suggestion.

    First off, lets note that a 20 man's tribe territory, is HUGE. It has the ability to cover all the resources in the area, making it possible to never have to leave your territory (anytime soon that is). With that many ppl, and that much resource, your not even worried about trade (until some rare resource not in your area may be needed). Would it not be reasonable to reduce the safe zone radius within the tribe territory? For example maybe a homestead size radius around the totem, everything else in the territory is free game for combat purposes. I would even agree that leaving a homestead's safe zone the same as is, its not like they are hoarding resources with their totem's. I feel this would accommodate both sides of the spectrum.


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    there are millions of threads about this why not just leave it the way it is and make the rare resources that are going to come later attackable? do you go to mcdonalds and complain because they dont have whoppers? no you go to burger king when you want a whopper so why come here and propose to change anything? let the devs decide and do what they want either way removal or no removal i dont really care but as you said there has to be some sort of safe zone i say leave things the way they are and when new resources become available make it so they are attackable.

    [edit] some things need to be changed but this thread has been talked about forever and there are a ton of threads about this i see this as a major game changing idea and i dont mean to sound rude in my post its just the fact that its been talked about so much and the devs plan on doing something about this eventually. does not mean that i dont agree that some things need to be changed.

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    Blake, Im well aware of the other threads thanks, This is suggestion forums, which is what i did, this is still a mechanic that is under debate and being re worked up to the point of tribal warfare, i made a "suggestion" all you did was bash my post, go back to prelude talk if you dont want to read this. The way "It is" needs to be changed, and there have been more important things to work out recently.

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    so i take it that this suggestion thread isnt open to other suggestions? if it wasnt no one could post here. i wasnt bashing your thread simply stating my opinion and since you didnt like what it had to say you accuse me of bashing your thread you made a suggestion and i made a suggestion this is the suggestion section of forums anymore suggestions?

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