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    Loading Entities

    I have been Loading Entities for over 10 minutes? What is going on?

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    Mine is stuck on Entities aswell, Reloaded the game 4 times.

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    same here x 2.... hummmm

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    yep mine was more than 10 minutes and when it's done the rollback surprise!

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    I'am ingame and i have horrible 10 min. delay on everything

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    I`m having the same issue.

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    Don't cancel it, you haven't frozen.

    Go AFK and check back every 5-10m, you'll get in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    I'am ingame and i have horrible 10 min. delay on everything
    10 min lag ?? what is up with that....

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    more people are on they what it was able to support before cause the lag is getting better just it seems it isnt caus emore people get on and make it lag again lol just needs more work

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    Yeah, my normal 5 min load time switched to about 15-20 after the last restart because of loading entities.

    However the rollback was not more then 10 minutes or so for me. Maybe people are confused and think that the rollback is however long it was from the time things got messed up to the time the got back in? Seems more like it didn't get saved when the restart happened to it reverted to the last save ~10 minutes before that.

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