I'm starting this thread to make a list of recipes that I think would be good to have in the game. If you post some recipes that you would like, I will edit the first post so that we get a complete list of the 'good ideas'. Please only put those recipes that make sense.


Curved Wall - allows for joining straight walls as well as circular structures
Gates - make gates possible (I know this is planned, but thought I would add it anyway
Tent (Roman Style) - the round kind
Tent (Very Large) - would be interesting for meetings, storage areas, 'beer tent'

Wood carving

Barrels - store things other than bins, as well as decorative in nature


Statues - decorative
Stone huts (Could also be architecture)
stone tables - decorative

Thats all I can think of right now. Add yours and see if we can't get them a good list of things to consider.