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    New profession: Farming

    Simple. Farmer should be able to:

    - Grow food <-- get ready for cooking
    - Grow cotton (does climate allow that? Question for realism lovers) <-- getting ready for when scavanging from junk piles will be history
    - Grow diferent plants used to get dye to color cotton or other objects <-- getting ready for when scavanging from junk piles will be history
    - Plant trees (skill level would allow to plant trees of higher quality) <--- solve deforestation problem
    - Plant ornamental plants, like bushes or flowers to make tribal areas a bit nicer. Gardening?


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    I don't know about cotton, but flax (to make linen) should be possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coca View Post
    I think a seed program to grow trees would be nice.. or perhaps you find a "sapling" instead of a seed.. either way you plant it to sustain resources somewhat. It couldn't be an instant thing but something that might take several days to wait for.
    I think we just need to offer a slight counter to the "combat loggers"... lol

    Growing things would also offer another element to the game. It could be made into a complete system of growing food plots and/or decoration for the dorks that get off on having pretty pixels.
    I like it.

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    Some gardening tips

    Time Frame
    The vegetable gardening season in the Lake Tahoe basin is very short because of the cool climate. On average, the last frost in the spring occurs in mid-June and the first frost in the fall in mid-September, although frost can always occur a couple weeks earlier or later than average. Some plants can survive frost, but many must not be planted until the danger of frost has passed.

    Vegetable Crops
    Vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, peas, broccoli and radishes tolerate cool temperatures and can grow well during the late spring and fall months. In the Lake Tahoe basin, plant these crops as soon as snow melts and the soil can be prepared, as they can tolerate temperatures as low as 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Vegetables that do not tolerate frost, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers and squash, should be planted as seedlings in mid-June. Choose varieties that will produce their crops by mid-September.

    The soil in the Lake Tahoe basin is typically very sandy, which is not ideal for growing vegetables. Plants need a variety of nutrients that are not found in sandy soil. To prepare your soil for a vegetable garden, mix in organic material such as compost and peat moss, and if desired, add a chemical fertilizer as well. Soil in the Lake Tahoe basin is likely to be acidic. A soil test, which measures the pH and nutrients, will tell you if you need to add lime to bring the pH to about 6.5, ideal for most vegetables.

    Watering and Care
    Vegetable gardens in Lake Tahoe need regular watering. Because of the dry air, wind and sandy soil that drains quickly, daily watering is required for healthy growth. Vegetables need water when the soil is dry 1 inch below the surface. Also, due to Lake Tahoe's high elevation and the possibility of frost in early summer and early autumn, close attention should be paid to the weather forecast for frost warnings. Cover the plants with plastic or another fabric designed for protecting plants on nights with possible frost.

    Animal Control
    Lake Tahoe gardeners who do not have any defenses in place will quickly find that many local animals are interested in eating the vegetables. Common animals include squirrels, voles, rabbits and deer. Building a fence around the garden is the best way to prevent these animals from eating the crops.

    And some food that is indigenous to the area

    The Lake Tahoe region is in the western corner of Nevada and the elevation is approximately 6,200 feet at the lake. A number of native plants and animals grow and live in the area that are still harvested and eaten. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States and supports both native and introduced species of fish. Some of the vegetation in the region can be eaten or used for medicinal purposes.

    The native fish in Lake Tahoe include rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, and some species of salmon. Many anglers enjoy fishing in Lake Tahoe, not only for the catch, but also for the scenery. A fishing license is required from either Nevada or California, depending on where on the lake or its tributaries people fish.

    Wildlife native to the Lake Tahoe region include bear, deer, elk, antelope, wild pigs, turkey, quail, pheasant and waterfowl. Both the states of California and Nevada have hunting seasons, although how many licenses or tags the state issue depends on the health of the herd or flock. The states have lotteries to fairly distribute licenses.

    The region supports some native species of plants that can be eaten, including pine nuts harvested from pinion pines. Juniper plants grow in the area and the berries make good seasonings for pork, beef or chicken. The leaf buds of the quaking aspen can be eaten and are excellent sources of vitamin C. Kinnikinnick is a bushy plant that produces tart edible berries which have a diuretic effect.

    The bark of the native black willow helps relieve pain when brewed as a tea. Buffaloberry bushes produce berries that can be cooked into jellies and jams. Wild roses grow into huge plants around Lake Tahoe and the fruit, the rose hips, can be used to make tea or jellies.

    The sulfur flower has a large edible root that can be cooked and eaten. Western wild grapes produce fruit similar to commercially grown grapes that people eat. The leaves can be used as a wrap for food and benefit the gastrointestinal tract.
    Both from

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    This is a planned feature hopefully will be added during Prelude

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    Growing season could be extended with cold frames/green houses. Surprised there isn't glass already in Xsyon.

    Foraging right now includes a bunch of non edible plants, I know some of them require cooking, others are for dye, and I believe some are for poison/healing.

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    You didn't think rake heads and hoe heads are scavengable just to make the deadliest weapons in the game did you? Agriculture is planned further down the road.

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    all of this has been discussed, debated, and decided on. just read around instead of posting around please. I know how fun it can be to fantasize about and discuss features to be.

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