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    Nice to meet cha :)

    Honestly this looks to be about the most interesting game to come out this year. Of course I have my own collection of point and shoot/grind quest grind mmorpg's to compare it to. I have played everything from wow to tso and probably tried everything in between for at least a little while.

    Thought I would stop by and say "hello there" while the game was installing. Interesting concept, congrats and good luck all

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    Hello there, and welcome The game is very unique yes, hope you enjoy your stay..

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    Welcome to the game, I hope you like it.

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    Welcome to Xsyon.

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    You guys are so nice I love this game and concept very refreshing Having a blast so far...cept when the ninjas leap from the woods and kick my butt lol.

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    Welcome MrsCat

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    Let me know if you need any help knocking down those ninja's. Welcome again and see you in game! The names Koal if you need any questions asked.

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