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    Thinking about buying ....

    Im thking about getting this game but not really sure.

    is it anything like wurm online cause that game wasn't too bad i dont know just gold old fast though. And i read somewhere this game has no mining ? or at least not yet thats a big letdown for me i love anything mining and or smithing related. And can you terraform the land or is it just static.

    Basically if i liked wurm online but just got bored of it (mostly cause of graphics and just buggy and lag)

    Would i also get bored of this game ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Watch Saint Bob's videos... They should give you an idea what to expect.

    As for boredom, I dunno if this game is for you if you quickly became bored with Wurm Online. Not the exact same but similar enough...

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    Xsyon currently let's you collect rock and such, but there's no tunneling like in Wurm.

    You can terraform the land, but only on areas that you or your tribe owns via placing a totem (as far as I know).

    However, if the reason you got bored of Wurm was because of the graphics and bugs, I have a feeling you'd get bored of Xsyon quickly.

    Xsyon's graphics are only so-so and still has a long time for it to become fully polished. Wurm has been under development for around 6 years or so now.

    Really though, the reason to play Wurm or Xsyon is for the deeper game mechanics, not the graphics.

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