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    Crafting Menu rehaul

    I enjoy crafting in Xsyon, but these crafting menus need a lot of work. I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but it needs to be brought up again. The developers need to realize the importance of optimizing the crafting menus. Heres some ideas.

    Sub menus and auto organization of the crafting list. It takes me 40 seconds to scroll down my crafting list, and its a mess. When I learn a new recipe in the middle of crafting a set for someone its a set back.

    The crafting menu should auto detect resources and tools, and there should be a toggle to auto craft items. Theres way too much clicking involved in crafting. I have to perform 10-13 mouse clicks to make one rank 70 item. That is painfully inefficient.

    Please streamline the crafting menu. It will only make the game more desireable. Thank you.

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    I'm alright with having to choose which tools to use to craft. I think it's part of the charm for the game, even if that means a few more clicks. It's also a big part of using the best tools you can when that is finally implemented in the game.

    I do however think that the menu needs a revamp though. Something like organizing it with sub groups based on sets or what things are. For instance leatherworking could have a spooner tree and a squaw tree etc etc and when you click on that it expands into showing all the pieces you know rather then just sorting it all in a chronological fashion based on when you learned it.

    While talking about crafting I also think it should take longer to craft the higher items. They're harder to make and therefore should take more time to complete.

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