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    Looking for a fun tribe

    Im looking for a non evil, Fun , Easy going , Active tribe :P , i like to craft/build mostly but i haven't played they game much don't really know what i want todo.

    Im a US East player

    ...... Cant think of anything else ask away if u want to know something

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    Blackfoot is looking for members. Either check out our thread Here or check us out at

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    PM sent, check your mail.

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    PMed you , ^^

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    I talked to you in-game yesterday. Just thought I'd pitch Hopi again. I know you said you didn't want to be part of a big tribe, but our member count is spread fairly evenly across all timezones, meaning there will almost always be someone online to help you out.

    Either way, good luck out there.

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    PMed, check your mail.

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    Welcome to New Eden, DeadlyPeanut

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    I would recomend Checking out apache, our join link is in my signature, we do combat/crafting/city building.

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    we have alot on EST, time zone and others myself EST here, we have been around for 12yrs , we also know what its like to be in guilds that treat you like a number to gain numbers well, we have members who been around for years and we all became friends and game together with every game we play, we like to invite like minded folks to us as well that enjoy gaming and having a good time.

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