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    Animals before release?

    Are we going to have animals anytime soon because people are already getting their grandmaster in their respective crafts but people who choose bonecrafting are sol(so outta luck) because we have to wait for animals to be actually put in once again.

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    Animals are currently being spawned, but they are very thin on the ground and are being killed very quickly.

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    ok thanks for the answer. so if i search i will find some? Or should i just wait a little longer.

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    See if you can talk to the guides in game they might know roughly when or where they are being spawned

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    The game is already released by the way..

    But yeah people have said there are only a few animals being spawned and they tend to be close ot the edge of the map.

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    someone said they were all running into the green and dying...SO.... when the green is opened up there is going to be a lot of bones to scavenge - YAY

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    How about upping the spawn rate?

    Hunting is a key feature in this game that's being completely neglected. With PvP as broken as it is, the player base needs some sort of alternative to keep busy.

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    Tho at the moment with the bad fps in my area i dont think i could fight an elephant standing in one spot donig nothing.

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    +1 for greatly increasing the spawn rate. There are no or close to no animals to hunt. Acutally no point for bonecrafters and hunters.

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