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    This is an ongoing topic that will be updated to include new trade offers as they arise. So check back in from time to time as you will find many interesting new things for sale or barter:

    Current Location & Contacts:


    Fort Tharak
    Zone 781
    Position: 90, 304


    Emperor: Andius

    Current Needs

    Accepted Currencies:

    Steel Rivets

    Accepted Trade Items:

    Cloth fabric (All types)
    Leather (All types)
    Belt Buckles

    I may accept other items depending on how much you are offering and how badly I need them. Recipes, especially leathercraft, and baskets may be acceptable forms of trade.

    Current Goods and Services Offered

    Leather Armors

    I currently have 4 armor sets willing for trade not including heyburn. Heyburn shirts and pants can be included into the purchase of any of the sets currently offered as they lack shirts and pants.

    Currently offered armor sets are:

    Tahoe Armor
    Lakeridge Armor
    Jack's Armor
    Minden Armor

    All of these sets come with 13 pieces.
    Detailed information on armors at the bottom of the post.

    Cloth to cloth transactions

    This is a service currently being offered. Supplies are very limited atm but I hope to change that soon enough. Cloth to cloth transactions work very simply. You bring me 6 of any type, I give you 5 cloth of a single type. Or 12 for 10.

    Guard and Mercenary Services

    While one of our clan's objective is to help any peaceful or honorable player be safer from ruffians, and we will come to the assistance of those in need for free, we simply cannot be in all places at all times helping everyone. Offering traders escorts, or going halfway across the map to help deal with some menace, while perfectly within things we can do, are not things we will ask our members to do.

    However money can change this. If you are in particular need of GL's military might we will help guard any peaceful or peacekeeper tribe's members and territory no matter how far away for the right price. Likewise we will also send troops to assist against any griefers or ruffians no matter how far away for the right price.

    Ask and see if we are willing to do it for free first though. In many cases we will be.


    If you or your tribe is on this list you can trade with us for reduced cost. Just note that if you are in a tribe on the list but I do not recognize your name, someone from your tribe who I do recognize must PM me letting me know you belong to said tribe.


    Animal Crackers
    Paradise Falls
    Avian Twilight Homestead
    Dark Hand of Valor



    Leather Armor Information:

    Tahoe Armor:

    Lakeridge Armor:

    Jack's Armor:

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    When are u usually around? Id like to trade with u!

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    Lately, I've been on very late. I am GMT -9 or Yukon Standard (Alaska Time.) I've been staying up very late like around Midnight to 5am my time. My times during the day are very irregular. Usually from anywhere from noon to 5pm my time.

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    You are collecting cloth... what kind of cloth armor do you have for trade ?

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    Can't see since I can't get in game, but I have multiple stacks that have a pretty good amount in them.

    As far as I am aware, there is no difference in the use, quality, or color of items produced with different types of cloth. The purpose of this service is merely to provide people with a way to get large quantities of a single type, since they are needed for various things like tents.

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    I can also make any cloth armor Andius can't but ask him first

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    I can't make any cloth armor, so if people want something tailored I'm not the man to ask. Just leathercrafting armor here.

    Also as a side note my location has changed. I'm now the Military Chief of Last Hope.

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