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    The Firm selling goods for dollar bills...

    Selling goods via totem quests and face-to-face trade for dollar bills. All tribes are welcome. The Firm will not attack anyone in, or around, the tribal zone if a player is there to check out the totem sales and/or trade. Safety against aggressive players and/or tribes not affiliated with The Firm is not guaranteed (for obvious reasons).

    Message Tatiana, Stevro, or Onatac to ask about prices. Stop by beforehand to check totem quest prices if nobody is online.

    Zone: 702 | Pos: 420|700

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    Nice stuff! Last time I checked with Stevro, they were selling pliers for $1. Do it up peeps.

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    yup very good deals. i bought a saw blade from them for only $20 dollars.

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    Do you sell shovel? If yes, what's the price?

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    We only have 3 shovels at the moment (no sale), but are working on getting some more. We're still playing around with the prices, so I can't say for sure. Once we get a good handle on the rarity of things like shovel heads, we'll get a set price going.

    Tsumo was able to get a $20 saw blade, since the quest mechanic only allows a value up to 20. Lucky Tsumo. I think Stevro is going to price the rest of them around $100 for face-to-face transaction. (Shovel will be under that price.)

    We're also trying figure out how many dollar bills/quarters/pennies people are scavenging, along with time put into it, so a price balance can be worked on.

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    Good luck with this endevour.

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