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Thread: Seeking Tribe!

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    Seeking Tribe!

    Must have Hopibear style spam recruiting, Hopibear, Good Quality PvP'ers
    and one Terrabad PvPer called Sultun.

    Evil Weebl - Member of Pandemic
    "Weebl's Wobble But Never Fall Down ..... An Evil Weebl Is the Same, But You'll Pray That He Doesn't Get Back Up"
    Quote Originally Posted by ModEzekiel
    Nice try with the thread saver, but closing thread for either misleading topic or post content.

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    hahah lolzzzz Guess your a perfect fit for us!

    Guidemihr : I am sure was you hopibear who made the server crash
    GuideElijah: Hopibear I love you and I hope you donīt get a refund
    My 2 favorite guides !

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