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    Game CRASH with the new update.

    Hello all. I got a big problem. The game running me perfect ever, but today after the update it crash.

    I can login, but when i touch the "name character" button for select it and go inside, it CRASH and jump a windows error.

    When i am in the same moment but i touch for example the button "log out", the game run good and it log out.

    Just is with de "name character" button.

    Someone know what i can do?, someone more with the same problem?

    I use Windows 7 and portatil PC ASUS N61J:
    Graphic card is: ATI HD 5730
    Ram 4G.

    Sorry for my bad english.

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    Same crash for me, as soon as i select my Character the game stops responding and crashes.

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    I'm also getting this crash, every-time I click my characters name the game crashes, have tried two accounts now with same result.

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    Same here, and a few friends, however 2 people I know are in.

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    same here and others i know..

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    Win 7 64 SP 1
    470 GTX 266.58
    8 Gb

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    at last the game is fixed LOL

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    Everyone crashing has Windows 7?

    ... and maybe THIS is the ninja queue!?

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    poor Xsyon will never get some sleep

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    Yeah I am getting the same crash
    Windows 7
    Radeon HD 5750
    2G or ram

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