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Thread: Patch notes.

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    Unhappy Patch notes.

    Your "Xsyon Announcements" thread has very little information, if any, about your patching process. If you could provide us with some detailed patch notes, like most other professional game companies do, it would at least give me something to read while waiting for the patch to download.

    An example is today, for instance. I am downloading what seems to be a very large file, and the only information posted about it is...
    "Hello everyone. We are aware of crashes many players are experiencing with the latest patch and are looking into this to prepare a new update as soon as possible."
    Why am I looking at Zone.xsip and other .png files download? How are the issues related?

    Actual patch notes would be nice. If you need and example, just check out any of the notes that are provided with any program patch.

    Something like this wouldn't even take much time or resources to do.

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    Totaly right. I was thinking about same thing and looking for it.

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    Would be a nice addition to know what this is all about.

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    Indeed, I too was looking forward to reading the patch notes.

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    Agreed, patch notes would give me something to do during the patching process...

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    I'm just knocking this thread up so maybe the devs will see it and update us for the NEXT patch. As of now it seems the last patch caused some problems or are they hosting the last patch on the same server as the game and forum? Who knows?

    At least notes would give us something to discuss instead of getting angry and snapping at each other here.

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    No patch notes sends a message to the customers "We don't know if what we just fixed will even work, so we aren't going to tell you what we fixed"

    If they tell us what they fix and it doesn't work, people will lose even more confidence in them than they already have.

    Just seeing it from the devs perspective.

    But either way it's a lose lose for them if their patch doesn't help anything.

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