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    Future Skill System

    First I'd like to start off by saying that I don't know how Xsyon will improve combat besides just the "attacking" style it has. This is just a basic idea I had from a while ago.

    COMBAT Skill System: <--- meant to add that in.

    • Say you saw someone use a fire spell and they were nice enough to teach it to you for free so you didn’t have to find it somewhere else, you would then have that spell viewable in you skill book. Not only that, but you’d have THEIR spell so it’d be titled “Darin’s Fire Ball” or something.
    • How? Well, when you learn a spell, you can tweak it however you want to tweak it depending on certain stats. It’s kind of like Morrowind etc., but your character can do it for free unless you don’t have the skills and proficiency with the skill to alter it. You can ask someone else to do it for you and then teach it to you for free or for a fee. This might be in a skill tree called spell crafting and/or skill crafting that would show up in the actions menu.
    • There are no limits to how you can tweak a skill because I don't want min/maxers to have an easy time lol. A fire skill would do fire damage. You can increase the fire damage or casting time of the skill at the cost of more stamina/mana/magic points used (yes magic takes stamina). The cost increase is exponential. You can also decrease the damage for a lower cost.
    • Another example of the skill system is that you can not only tweak skills, but also combine them. If you (Bimity) learned a “Slash” attack and have previously learned “Darin’s Fire Ball”, you can combine these two attacks to create “Bimity and Darin’s Fire Slash”. This combo skill can also be tweaked, but you would have many more options that include but are not limited to: slash damage, fire damage, mana cost, stamina cost. and cooldown. There will be some sort of equalizing function. Magic damage costs more mana and physical damage costs more stamina, but a higher cooldown/casting time will decrease the amount of mana or stamina needed.
    • You can add status effects if you want and allot chances of success, but only after you’ve experienced or seen the status effect (if you’ve been knocked down or burned you can then add knockdown and/or burn.. the same with if you’ve been poisoned or slept or silenced). BUT depending on your character’s style and knowledge, you might not realize you’ve seen or experienced the effect the first time. Other players can teach you if they wanted.
    • Finally, your ability to use these skills is determined by how proficient you are with the skill, if you have enough hp/mp/sp, and your stat points (some skills may “fizzle” 100% of the time without the correct stats). You will gain proficiency for fizzling at a low rate as well as stat increases at a low rate. When a stat is high enough, you will see the required stat in the skill’s option and/or description. At the highest proficiency, all costs are much less costly.

    This is basically how I'd like any sort of combat skill system to be. I'm not saying that Xsyon should have "slash attacks" or "back stab" or "Shield bash" and stuff like that, but if that's where the game wants to go towards, I'd like a pretty open-ended skill system. Skill/Spell crafting could be very fun and your techniques (if created well) can become legend as numerous players might have learned it from someone else.

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    I'd defiantly like to see this for magic if they add that kind of magic. I also think magic should take regents, the more powerful the magic the rarer or larger quantities of the regent you'd need. As your skill goes up though the less regents you'd need to sacrifice. I also think they should add a tweaking system for weapons, maybe possibly to add aftermarket stuff somehow lol. Blended alloys might be cool too.....

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