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    I know that the dev said to delete options.sav, but if you change the shadow options then that seems to be causing the crash. Just thought i would let you all know.

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    Looks like you need to have Soft Shadows turned on or you crash.

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    Wasnt sure which shadows option was...I was getting tired of testing and crashing so i turned all the shadow option on and it worked for me..

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    I was wrong, thats not it.. It worked and then I turned it off and then it didn't work, but I turned it back on and it is crashing again.. weird.

    I had to turn them all off (try running, then crash) and then back on to get it working... no clue

    Added after 15 minutes:

    While in game, tried turning Advanced Shadows to Off, Crash to Desktop

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    This would be a lot faster testing if I didn't stay in game so long after crashing.


    I would not advise changing settings in game!

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    I'm gonna test this out as soo as i'm done downloading the 1,53 GB patch with < 100 kB/s. >_<

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    Okay, THIS JUST IN:

    First of all, I take back all the nice things I said about being able to alt-tab. Was just now not able to tab back.

    As for Shadows, I have:
    Adv Shws on
    Player Shadows on
    Advanced Shadows Low

    all other shadows off.

    Be careful with tree settings I crashed somewhere fooling with those.

    Added after 16 minutes:

    Another guy in the other thread just like this one was saying he can change everything but water, so who knows.

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    Let's keep the info about the crashing all in one thread:

    (I know this one thread was created earlier, but the title seems more relevant for people not knowing it's options.sav casing the problem)

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