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    downloading, tnx it go very well

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    10min for the zone file.....i love you

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    I might not kill you the first time I see you in game for this. Cheers guys; lifesavers.

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    Will seed once ive downloaded this.

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    Xsyon Citizen Dade512's Avatar
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    Awesome. Thanks for this.
    Will seed after d/l.

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    Thz a LOT. Btw i m pretty noob at torrents but i would like to help others download. So i shall keep utorrent open after download to seed?

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    Much appreciated.

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    I'm guessing I did something terribly wrong. Doesn't seem to work for me or a friend. (He got the torrent, I got the megadownload.) Replaced the zone.xsip file but still appear to be patching as I was before! Sad times!

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    I'm having the same problem, tried extracting it multiple times and it keeps updating afterwords. I downloaded the megaupload one.

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