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    Entering game world makes internet freeze

    So, additionally to the game crashes because of the settings I'm experiencing something very odd. Upon logging in and entering the game world my internet connection now freezes after 3-4 seconds meaning I have to reboot my router.

    So the question I'd like to put out there is.. Am I the only one this unlucky?

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    OUCH i dont know what to tell you maybe router has problems? have you tried straight from the modem?

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    Tankred i have had the same problem since the last patch, my internet would just reset its self and i cant pin point it to the game, i have never really had this problem in the past with my games i play, but with ALOT of times in the past week getting droped from the server after 15 min. of playing i tend to think it has something to do with it just not that computer savve to no for sure

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