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    Angry Unable to connect to server: Already Logged In

    Hello, finally got the patch! yay!... not! I crashed after 5 seconds in the game world, then I can't log in due to the fact that "I am already logged in" its been 15 minutes! and I already reported this bug! I have tried restarting, resettting my options... Help!

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    oh great, i have this now too

    fixed now i can connect again

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    I'm stuck with the same garbage.

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    restart the game a few times, means do he first log in

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    Any time I get this, I wait a minute, then try again and typically get in fine.

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    Getting this atm. It's been 10min. Client was restarted...

    Edit: And just as I post this it's fine again...

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    It just takes longer when you crash from screwing with your graphics options than when you log out and back in real quickly.

    Just wait a little longer, I promise you're not stuck in there forever.

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