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Thread: Should I try?

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    Should I try?

    Just got home and decided to read these boards before logging in. Should I even bother downloading the patch at this time. Or should I wait until the subsequent update to fix this one?

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    The update shouldn't (touch wood) involve changes to the zone file. The problem is in the tiny files you get at the start of the patch that are changing how the game loads.

    That said, don't use the patch client if you're not a sucker. Jump over to the public forum and grab the megaupload link

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    Took me about an hour and a half to two hours to download. after I got some of my UI was messed up so I decided to relog. Took about 20min. to get back in because it said my char was still in the world. Despite these bugs I still got in and was playing fine. So I would recommend getting in here and playing the game while server is up.

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