1. SLIDEBARS: I'm pretty sure this has been asked before, but scrollbars for chat and crafting windows, would make a world of difference.

2. MATH: We have bars that update as we gain xp, hp bars, energy bars etc. Can we get some number data on those bars so we can actually see if we are getting proper gains doing what we are doing. Same goes for weapons and armor but probably isn't done yet. I have no idea if a weapon or armor I'm making is better then what I'm using or worse... Should I assume it's better if it's a higher level recipei, or is it based on crafter skill?

3: UPDATES!: With the latest 03-23-2011 update I'm still currently downloading, I had to pull about 750mb of updates before it said how much I downloaded and how much was left to download. I appreciate it says what files it's updating but can we get a bar that tells us what ammount of data we need to update right away, especially if it's 1.5gig =).

4: BANDWIDTH!: I know the games new, and I appreciate the updates thus far have made things leaps and bounds better, but your update server is jumpin between feeding 250k - 400k/s, whereas other games, even free ones, can usually tap out my line at 1,000k/s and sometimes even my other connection at 2,500k/s =O which is a little redicoulous to ask for , but seriously if yer pushing 1.5gig updates, crank up the bandwidth, we're gonna p2p after all =O. (and before I get flamed I understand there's un-tien people downloading the updates, but bandwidths cheap in bursts =)

There's a lot of stuff but I guess just focus on the important stuff, and the slide bars , maybe an option to NOT ask us if we want to delete something when we drag it outta a bag, or a key we can hold down while right clicking the item to delete it fast.. Auto-sort for cloth crafters would be a blessing, or at least make tarps a generic craft so we can use any cloth, especially seeing the color doesn't even show up =/

There's my starter list =P