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    Feeling a bit Burnt Out

    It has been approximately 10 days since the game set in motion, and I am feeling a bit burnt out does anyone else feel this way? In the past week, I have been building walls, dirt walls, dirt holes, and oh yea assembling junk. The Tribe has been doing everything from Junk Collecting to Crafting to Wondering around looking for wood. Even bigger tribes are going to extend to make a wonderful sand castle-like city to keep themselves entertained but what else is there to do ? ?

    Combat is nonexistence*and nothing more*than a joke when I have 90 Fort and I can get one hit slaughtered by an axe, or I can kill someone with a dagger in two hits. The Character hit boxes are so messed up that if you are too tall or as well short you can't hit it right.

    Animals … yeah where are they, do they even exist can I get a screen shot with the date and time someone saw one? I'm sorry it is not HARD to create a Spawn Point, that has X and Y radius of random birth time and if that was too hard its not hard to create X amount of both animal genders that are invisible that spawn visible creatures. (did it in the past with Ultima Online Private servers, the scripting for it ought to almost take as long as one to take a shit.

    Content… yeah none of that too. I like the game and I enjoy it so much, in fact, that I have gone out of my way to create an actual newspaper that not only provokes the community but also gives it some existence. I mean when you log on what is the thing you look forward to doing?* I hate to use games like WoW as an example but Jordie Where are the monsters, weapons, The OMG I got this stuff its epic what to do with it now content. Shit where are the god damn zombies!? Give us something to kill man, give us something to do while playing not just sitting at our tribe zone going "haha my e-peen is bigger than yours in my safe zone" Better yet if programming zombies is hard, make it where we can skin other players and use their bones and parts are resources.* Give us something to do other than "sitting here, and terraforming our epic-sized sand castle".

    Because we are just playing another beta and paying for it. Which is unfair to the community since you released a not even 10% done game? Now we all did pay for it, and I am not saying "I'm not getting what I paid for" but.. The truthfulness is none of us are getting what we paid for.**What if the community drops down to hundreds and the game crashes are you going to refund us? Probably not, you have to pay your personnel and servers and everything.

    This is just my rant showing I am worried not only for the game, but my own personal enjoyment as well. I know that many of the communities feel the same way due to the recent posts, and in game dialogue everyone is worried.

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    I really enjoy this game as well, but sadly there is not much to it at this point. Armor is pointless. Combat is terrible. Crafting to do what exactly? There is nothing to do beyond that.

    Like I said, this is not a flame, I love the game and will continue to pay for it and play it. But they need to get more meat into the game fast or many many people will lose interest very fast.

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    It's because everything in the game is too easy, anyone can be 100% self sufficient and never have to trade, thus there's no economy. Why travel far and wide when everything you need is in the safety of your protective tribe zone?

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    I think we're all pretty frustrated.

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    GGRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr Come on already

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    Scavenging remains the only thing I've enjoyed so far... well that and fighting Evil_Inq :P At least he tries to make the game interesting!!!

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    I didn't get flamed oh jesus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by furanku View Post
    I didn't get flamed oh jesus.
    need me to fix that for you? :P

    No, I totally agree, as fun as it is, the times of lags makes me reflect on how its neither content added, or bugs or the other I'd be happy with the progress. at least it would feel its moving forward.

    right now its like going from alpha, to beta, to alpha, to some sort of basic first run.

    Im in for the long haul, no doubt. But how long I stay before going "ill just login in a few weeks and see if we can do something." is up in the air.
    Granted the lag DID get better, but then got worse..then got 10 minute entities loading, then fixed it, than back again..but the 'progression' of the features are going in reverse, lost decay, lost quality info boxes. lost animals..

    now like I said if they was removed in a forward progression of problems being fixed, I could handle it..but loosing features AND getting more bugs/lag/rollbacks during it over a month is another story all together.

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    Not going to flame, but I will be the one disagree. I've enjoyed every minute I've had to play, minus the 10min lag. My character was designed for hunting and pvp and yet I've had plenty of fun with crafting and helping tribe members. I too want the animals to work, I want armor to do something, I want combat to be fun and lag free. But saying it over and over isn't going to make it happen. Jordi isn't holding out on us because he wants to. You've seen yourself that updates don't often go as planned.
    So why do people keep expecting him to push out updates that he doesn't even feel are ready yet?
    And it doesn't really matter what the answer is, because it's going to happen when it happens. Let's please stop demanding content that they know doesn't work, and let them fix what needs to be fixed.

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    We just have to wait until 2.5 months from now and then decide to pay a monthly or not.

    That's all there is too it. You can either wait or wait and be angry.

    And don't play like 3-4 hours a day. If there's only crafting of course you'll be burned out no matter how cool the game is. People with lvl 90 in main crafting lines already are just asking to twiddle their thumbs for two months.

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