-I found out game on a mmo site.
-I liked ideas, i liked videos, i liked potential.
-I bought and downloaded game, played like 10h in a sit.
-Next day there was a patch.

And things started to go strange...
-It took 4 hours before i gave up from patcher and downloaded from a player supported torrent
-Couldn't see a download size or % left
-When i checked my connection patcher was using 30kb/s max when i left whole PC to it (my max download is 256kb/s)
-I sat there for 20 min to see what it was doing.
1- Downloads item
2- Opens Zone.xsip
3- Process package
4- Updates Zone xsip
5- Goes back to 1

My suggestion:
* Let patcher download all pieces and put them in xsip files IN ONE STEP.
* Let us use manual download for patches. We download the compressed package from a "faster then a turtle" server and patcher applies it.
* The patch size i saw at forums (from who could see) was same as Zone.xsip so if we download whole xsip file every time a patch comes out... well you better shut down game