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    really wanna try but should i??

    I really really want to try to play this but am kind of short with cash. I love crafting and building and such but don't know if it's too late to get in and start playing since it's been released a while. I hate being so far behind that im just in way over my head and can't get out. So lemme know guys. Is it worth the 40 bucks + sub?

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    Game isn't completely stable right now but when it is crafting/building is very fun. You are nowhere near too far behind. You could join 6 months from now and not be "too far behind".

    The game basically came out (servers and characters from beta were wiped) a week ago. You will be fine as far as being caught up with the rest of the players. But, be cautioned if you do not have patience. This game is essentially in a paid alpha form. We are testing the games features as they are released in intervals over time (yet it's not only testing, because as of the final wipe, everything we test and build will stay in the game world and will be there a year from now assuming we don't delete it)

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    It's not worth the money "as is" right now, imho. However, if you would like to add hope for what is suppose to come, if that ever happens, it will be worth it. I enjoy the game when I am in, but I personally will need to see improvements before I give another buck.

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    It's not worth the money now, but it could be in the future with your "donation".

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    well I guess there is hope seeing that it's only been out a few weeks. I really like the concept and im sure there is a real good community. That's all I really want. A good community, crafting, participating in a bigger picture rather than just questing and dealing with annoying rude people. So in a few weeks I may buy the game assuming I can find people to play with.

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