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Thread: GAMES UP!!!!!!

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    GAMES UP!!!!!!

    ITS UP!!!!!

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    update: looks like it works need confirmation

    update: smooth as fuk i can say

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    ? im in right now

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    Congratulations. Tell us when you can open a basket.

    I take that back... it really does seem to be working now.

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    im not joking or trolling, im in game and no lag...

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    I was able to log in, had bars, interacted with objects on the ground...

    then the server said "shutting down in 5 minutes, please log out now." Down for 20 minutes.

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    damnit >< - all excited and server down
    "yep its working, alright take the server down"

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    Xsyon Citizen caaahl's Avatar
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    Oh you mean fu**s! ^^

    I started xsyon even before reading the whole thread till the end and now i see server is down... waaaaah.

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    Please log off.

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    Grimben gets post of the day.

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