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    Looking for Good Alignment EST Tribe.

    Hello Everybody. I am currently downloading this game and from all that I have read about it, cooperation and teamwork seems essential to it. Thus, I am hoping to do my part for a Good aligned EST(New York) Tribe. I am 32 male and hold a full time job, however, I plan on devoting at least a few hours a day to this game. Thanks for your consideration.


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    Pmed you !:d check ur mail..
    We are an international tribe btw with alot of members that are online @ ur time

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    hey i'm eastern timezone and my tribe has a couple pst time zones and a central timezone we would be happy to have you info is in my sig.

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    Hopibear, since when Pandemic is good aligned ?

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    we're not but i gave a few pointers in the pm

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    PM Sent, check your mail.

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    If you want "good," you should check out Hopi. We are compromised of hardcore and casual gamers that bring a nice balance to our gameplay style. There is pretty much always members online and playing as well. We have Ventrilo server and an awesome website. Check us out.

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    check us out as we are neutral we always help out new players we have been around for 12 years as a guild, we also do not ignore new players in chat and treat them like a number like some guilds do.

    We made these guild years ago, and been in our fair share of guilds and know how some may treat people poorly and just want you to gain numbers well, we want friendship, we want people to game with us for years to come, not just in xsyon but any other game in the future or even if you play other games so do we.! check us out or PM me .

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