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    zone 740 is curently unplayable

    At launch my frames in 740 were anywhere from 60-100 but as time went on my frames dropped lower and lower. As of right now my frames are between 3-5 making the game completely unplayable at the moment. Ive done a lot of exploring the last few days in other zones around 740, as soon as i get out of zone 740 my frames increase to 60+.

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    I have the same issue. double to 15 times better FPS outside of my home zone of 740.

    I know the mod closed this thread yesterday and suggest we move it to the stickied Server Status Thread... but this is pretty much a different subject than the status of the entire server.

    Anyone sharing this issue please bump

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    vumped your bug report will get my tribe to as well as they all have issues.

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    ahhh ok maybe thats why i crashed twice yesterday, both times when entering or exiting (not sure) 740

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    yup needs a fix 5fps in 740 60+ elsewhere

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    the fps bad even with graphics turned all the way down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenji View Post
    the fps bad even with graphics turned all the way down?
    maxed settings 5 fps minimum settings 5 fps

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    same as silver, it doesnt matter what the graphics settings are set to, either way its 5 fps. right now im exploring zone 736 and running 79 fps with everything on high

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    I have the same issue in this zone make playing impossible.

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    My fps is always 60-100 ... I have yet to have an issue. But I am in 940 hmm

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