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    What skills raise/lower which stats?

    If you have information please share, I'll start everyone off;

    Masonry: +STR -CHA
    Toolmaking +DEX
    Leathercraft: +DEX
    Scavenging: + PERC +INT
    Fishing: + PERC
    Architecture +INT
    Woodcrafting: +PERC +DEX

    Not Moving: -STR

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    Fishing + Perception (confirmed by guild mate) -str (not confirmed if it was the fishing that did it but this is what a member was doing when it happen.)

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    I can confirm Toolmaking raises Dexterity.

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    Apparently fishing also raises Dex and Perc, while fishing for 2hrs today and gained +1 perc and +1 dex.

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    Scavenging raises Perception, yesterday when it raised my perception I got an ingame message.

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    I got dexterity from Tailoring

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    Leathercraft increases dexterity aswell.

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    wow apparently my toon is broken i havent gained anything in anything terraforming maxed and fishing close and a slew of other crafts catching up.

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    Fished from 25 to 58 and lost 1 str.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erianerog View Post
    Fished from 25 to 58 and lost 1 str.
    Not moving from the same spot will lead to str loss, except terraforming and masonry (or autorunning againt a rock).

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