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    Exclamation In Dire need of more animals!

    Now im not sure whats supposed to happen but the current amount of animals is way to low for a *growing* population. Even when you say there will be more animals or maybe even double the amount it will still be to low compared to all the players that want to hunt just for fun, the players that want to hunt to increase weapon and hunting skills and the players that want to do bonecrafting. these all are seperate things that should be included when thinking about putting animals in because the current amount of animals is Far below par and should be dramastically increased. I know the green area is taking away all the animals from us but still there was a lack of animals to begin with. One more thing the idea of animals multiplying if left alone is impossible because there will always be more than one person looking for and killing animals theres just not enough time for them to multiply. But this is an issue that needs to be fixed and fast.

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    Agreed , I am not sure but i think people will not resubscribe if content is not added and animals are not fixed very SOON

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