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    "Already Logged In"

    Now, this has happened to me 4 times now.. 4*20 min = 80 mins of frustration

    Tell me, when people crash, why do you keep people ingame for over 20 mins? Your servers aint receiving a response from the client, why the hell is he stilled logged in then?

    Instead of just deleting my post because you cant handle critism, please give me a valid response on this?

    I can provide you with a simpel code, that forces a logout if the server is not receiving any response from a specific host.. Comeon .. Its not rocketscience...

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    I've never seen it stay logged in for like 20min. For me, in the past, it's always been about 3-5min. Haven't had it happen recently tho.

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    make sure you kill any lingering processes from Xsyon.exe. Seems to help. Go to task manager->processes and right click on Xsyon.exe if it's running and end it..

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    Wow binding keys are F***ed ! Try binding a new key, its not working then, try bind it to a new and press it a few times = The game crashes !!

    Awesome patch Xsyon -.-

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    patience patience.. but please have the server log you out after 10 minutes of no activity

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    I can confirm after having crashed on several occasions yesterday that i wasnt able to log back in for around 10-15mins, which seems to be a very excessive timeout.

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    If you keep crashing from doing the same thing, DO IT IN THE LOG IN SCREEN where you won't be stuck logged in.

    Then submit a bug report.

    I agree it's annoying but it's also avoidable.

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