I've been running at constant and unchanging 5FPS in this game and since the patch/fix for the shadows/water/tree settings causing crashes was made I decided it would be a good time for me to experiment with trying to increase my performance by lowering some of the settings from their default High settings...

Long story short, I ended up getting to the point where I turned down every (and I mean -every-) setting Off/Down/Lowest Quality/Lowest Resolution, you name it - until the scenery laid out before me looked like a vomit burger. And yet my FPS was still at the exact same 5FPS..

((I realize there is a thread talking about certain Zones being plagued by universally slowing all players to 5FPS but that isn't the case with me since we have a 2nd high-end computer in the room that gets high & smooth FPS rates everywhere we've been.))

So i'm wondering if anyone else out there has been able to see any noticeable difference in performance with lowered settings, or has possibly found any tweaks or changes to PC settings that can be made that work for Xsyon at this point? I know they're working on better optimization but I still like to see what can be done in the now than later if possible.

(Edit: Realized this thread is probably more fitting for the Public Questions section..)