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Thread: Hello Everyone!

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    Wink Hello Everyone!

    I've just bought the game, and am downloading the patches. I am an ex-SWG, WoW, CoV, GW, Requiem, Minecraft player, who has been looking for a game like Xsyon since SWG switched to the NGE. Hello to all my SWG refugees out there!

    I've been watching this game closely for awhile now, along with Earthrise, and I have finally made my choice to come here. Ive been reading about some lag issues, mostly around primetime/weekends, but other than that, it doesn't look like there is a lot of............crap. *cough*Earthrise*cough*.

    Now I know how the search function works, but I also know that in a lot of games, there are always those tiny, little secrets players come across, that seem too insignificant to make a whole post about. I was wondering if anyone had any secret tips, or basically things to look out for, while in this new world? Any tips appreciated, Thanks guys.

    The new guy

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    HEllo and Welcome to Xsyon

    Glad to see experienced players


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    Tip #1 get with a tribe/clan/guild that can help you out with learning the game. Apache is one such tribe we have around 50 members and use ventrillo, we are near the Cedarrat Starting area.
    Tip #2 if you have a 2nd monitor keep IRC open(
    Tip #3 dont give away all your times
    Tip #4 ??????
    Tip #5 Profit

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    Smile Thanks for the replies

    Cool, thank you for the warm welcome and Info. I have a few friends I might bring in to the game and we might try running our own tribe, but I will keep Apache in mind, as I am based somewhere in Cederrat as well. Hopefully we can be friendly neighbors for the time being, so far my neighbors have not been. One guy didn't like me picking up scraps in his neck of the woods and chased me off with a shovel, lol.

    I will say, a few things I've come across that I was not aware of was:
    1.) Planting a tribe totem, and picking it up puts a 3 1/2 to 4 hour cooldown on new placement.
    2.)Baskets do not come with basketry right off the bat, and making multiple characters and dropping bags is kinda essential if I want to actually store anything.

    Thanks Again folks, Glad to be here.
    The New Guy

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